Big Couples Match of the Year

Big Brother John McFarland, Big Sister Jan Thrapp, and Little Brother Tavaris were matched in the Big Couples Program in the summer of 2019.

This volunteer mentoring program pairs married couples or those in committed relationships with one Little Brother, offering a unique dynamic for support and guidance.

A Meaningful Connection

From the outset, Tavaris’s vibrant and compassionate nature formed an immediate connection with his mentors. Whether playing board games at a coffee shop, enjoying a musical theater performance, or high-fiving after one of Tavaris’s baseball games, they cherish their quality time together.  

Defending Potential

When Tavaris faced apprehension about starting middle school, John and Jan provided crucial support. Through open communication, they helped him find clubs to join and strategies to manage his worries, boosting his confidence. Jermeka, Tavaris’s mother, describes Jan and John’s commitment: “My son has to be the luckiest and most loved kid in the world because of his Big Brother and Big Sister.”