Defender of Potential

Big Sister Sylvia Zenteno-Booker and Little Sister Deanna were paired in the Beyond School Walls program, a collaboration between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta and Cox Enterprises, marking the beginning of their journey during Deanna’s freshman year. 

Throughout their relationship, Sylvia has been instrumental in providing Deanna with invaluable insights and support as she considers various career paths. Deanna reflected on Sylvia’s diverse career experiences, stating, “At first, during my freshman year, I wanted to go into UI/UX or something to do with computer science and Sylvia put me in contact with one of her colleagues and gave me some useful information about the field. Then in my sophomore year, I was interested in architecture. Sylvia used to be in the architecture field, so we discussed the field and schooling. And now, in my junior year, I’m also interested in music. Sylvia used to be in chorus, so she understands the passion around music and really makes me feel validated in my interest in pursuing it. I’m still interested in UI/UX and architecture and with Sylvia’s help, I definitely think I can make an informed decision on what field to go in and how to balance all of my interests as I prepare to enter my senior year.”

With Sylvia’s encouragement, Deanna has not only gained career insights but also learned valuable life lessons. Sylvia’s outgoing nature and public speaking skills have inspired Deanna to step out of her comfort zone and engage more confidently with others. 

In 2023, Deana nominated Sylvia for BBBSMA’s “Defender of Potential” award. Sylvia won the award, recognized for her efforts on “Big Appreciation Night.”