“The Big Spotlight” Highlight’s the Dedication of Patrick Medley


The Big Spotlight series features one of our mentors, a Big, each month. The very personal stories showcase their dedication and hard work. Our Bigs not only impact the lives of the Littles they mentor, but ensure we are able to continue moving the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta mission forward. The numbers speak for themselves. In 2023, our agency saw a 68% increase in new 1:1 mentoring matches. 90% of Littles see their mentor as a very important adult in their life. And it’s all because of our BIGS!  

This month we introduce you to Patrick Medley! Patrick has dedicated thirty years to volunteering and professional work with our agency, wholeheartedly advocating for the power and impact of mentorship. He has been matched with his Little Jordan at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta for 1 year.  

We recently connected in a Q&A chat with Patrick. Here's a look: 

  • Can you share why you became a Big? 

I became a Big because I believe in the power and impact of mentorship. I have volunteer and professional experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters spanning back 3   decades ago, beginning in college. I have an in-depth understanding of the mission and vision having been employed twice with the agency in High Point, NC. 

  • How has a mentor made an impact on your life? 

Unfortunately, I had very few mentors in my life in my youth. Fortunately, I met, played basketball for, and befriended the late Jerry Steele who inspired me in so many valuable ways as a mentor. 

  • What has been one of the most rewarding aspects of serving as a BIG? 

The most rewarding aspect of serving as a BIG is taking advantage of the opportunity to build lifelong memories with my mentee.  

Building a mutually respecting and trusting relationship is an awesome experience. 

Patrick and his Little, Jordan, along with agency staff are pictured above volunteering at a recent Dekalb County District 4 Back to School Backpack Giveaway community event. 
  • What is one piece of advice you have for a new BIG? 

Advice I will give for a new BIG is to understand and accept that you may never truly know or understand the positive impact that you have on a LITTLE. 

  • What are 1-2 simple and easy ways you support your LITTLE that go a long way and make a BIG difference? 

A couple of simple and easy ways I support my LITTLE are:  

  1. Meeting him where he is academically, Socially, and Mature wise. 
  2. Consistency in communication and attitude.
  • Anything else you would like to share? 

I believe the exposure beyond entertainment that I have brought into Jordans' life will pay dividends. I am happy that I introduced him to the brain injury community that I am employed with via SidebySide Brain Injury Clubhouse as well as life skill topics including but not limited to financial literacy, health/diet, effective communication, landscaping, and local politics.