Wells Fargo Sponsors Financial Health for Littles

Littles Posing with Wells Fargo Financial Health Curriculum Certificates

ATLANTA – Wells Fargo has provided a Financial Health Sponsorship for children in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta (BBBSMA) Level Up program.

The Wells Fargo Financial Health Sponsorship included a curriculum that was implemented by our Level Up Lead Mentors of 7th grade Littles at Jean Childs Young Middle School, H.J. Russell West End Academy, and Luther J. Price Middle School over the course of 3 weeks. There were 250 Littles who were able to participate.

Mentors and Littles discussed the following topics:

  • You and Your Money- Learning where money comes from, how choice is involved in getting the best value for your money, and how to increase your earning power. 
  • Banking, Saving, and Spending- Learning how, when, and why to save and spend money based on budget; Littles used a budgeting worksheet to plan their End of Semester celebrations.
  • Credit and Loans- Learning how trust is involved in utilizing credit and loans and how to keep and build good credit.
Little Posing with Wells Fargo Financial Health Curriculum Certificates

“Thank you for helping me better understand how to better manage and save my money and not spend it on irrelevant things like things I don’t need, like snacks,” said Little Sister Zykeyvian. “It is good to have, but I need to try to invest my money on important things like clothes, shoes, and important essentials like bills and food and water when I grow up.”

Wells Fargo is committed to building an inclusive, sustainable future for all through a focus on opening pathways to economic advancement, championing quality, affordable homes, empowering small businesses to thrive, and driving an equity-focused transition to a low-carbon economy. “Through our businesses and the Wells Fargo Foundation, we align our resources and expertise to make a positive impact in communities, address complex societal issues, and help build a more inclusive, sustainable future for all,” as stated on the Community Giving page of their website.

The participating Littles were excited to dive deeper into the curriculum, “I want to learn more about what we learned,” said Little Sister Realiti. “I love how she [mentor] gets ready for the future,” said Little Sister TyNique.

Thank you to Wells Fargo for being a Financial Health Partner to our Level Up program!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta’s mentoring programs work with volunteers, parents, and families to help create relationships that defend, inspire, and empower the potential that lives within every kid.