#FrontlineBigs Campaign honors the efforts of our volunteers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Amari Woods

COVID-19 is affecting everyone, but not equally.
Children and families in vulnerable communities are likely to experience an increase in stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Unfortunately, often times our youth bear the heaviest burden of the trauma and economic fallout. In fact, we found that 26 percent of our Littles reported that they “worry a lot” compared to 7 percent, the national average. In an effort to shine a light on the good work our mentors have been doing, we launched The #FrontlineBigs Campaign.

This campaign was created to raise funds and awareness, with a focus on the importance of keeping our Littles connected with their mentors – while simultaneously supporting volunteers and healthcare personnel working on the frontline during this pandemic. Our mentorship program is an essential service to the youth of Metro Atlanta, so we need investment in our mission to keepp that mission going strong.

With the help of our partners at Insomnia Cookies, we were able to deliver sweet treats to our Bigs and medical workers at Northside Hospital.
Together, we made The #FrontlineBigs Campaign a success as we raised nearly $20,000! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta will use these funds to defend the potential of youth in underserved communities by providing resources and support for our matches.

To learn more about this charitable campaign click here.