Big Sister & Little Sister Match of the Year!

Little Sister Shalea has been matched with her Big Sister Kim for nine years. Kim, now a Senior Marketing Associate at Goodwyn Mills Cawood, shares, “Meeting Shalea at age 7, I discovered a shy yet sweet girl with a passion for singing. Over the years, her love for math, inquisitive nature, and eagerness to learn have shone through. Now 16, Shalea has overcome academic struggles and bullying to excel in honors classes, and thrive as a confident young lady.”

Finding Sisterhood Through Mentorship

Shalea equally admires Big Sister Kim: “What makes Kim special is that she’s more than just a mentor– she’s the best friend I never had growing up. Her guidance and openness have played a crucial role in my growth and maturity over the years.”

Shalea credits her Big Sister for teaching her how to navigate life. “Understanding the different aspects of growing up today,” she says, “I’ve realized the importance of surrounding myself with people who genuinely want the best for me.”