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Wells Fargo is committed to creating long-term, strategic relationships with our local nonprofit partners. This year, we are standing side-by-side with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, and our very own Executive Communications & Strategy Lead, James Flanagan, to defend, inspire, and empower the potential that lies within the next generation of leaders across the Metro Atlanta community.

Wells Fargo pledges to match dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 to support their efforts to recruit 75 Big Brother Big Sister volunteers, Match 75 Little Brother Little Sister youth, and Raise Awareness of the urgent need for mentors in Atlanta.

We encourage you to join us on this pledge.

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James and Jadenn have been matched for over a year through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.  James works in corporate communications and is a veteran who returned to Atlanta after being away from Georgia for over ten years. Jadenn recently turned seven years old, is in 2nd grade and lives in the southern part of Atlanta.

James and Jadenn have grown together as a pair over the course of the past year. The two have had wonderful adventures across the Metro Atlanta area including visiting Six Flags, enjoying the great Georgia Aquarium, and playing arcade games at the local bowling alley.  Other outings might consist of playing at the park, going to basketball practice or just staying inside to practice Jadenn’s reading.

The match is successful in large part because of the great support of Jadenn’s mom, Tierra. Tierra does a good job in making sure that Jadenn is ready for each outing and coordinates with James throughout the week.

The most important activity that these two do each month is discuss what it means to be a strong individual and a caring man in today’s society.  James is most proud when he sees Jadenn display a sense of responsibility and duty to others.  This could be anything from holding the door open for a busy family to ensuring that a little girl can get in front of the crowd to see the fish at the aquarium.


Nearly half a million children in Metro Atlanta live in communities with low or very low child well-being. Our vital mission is to recruit volunteers to become mentors to children facing adversity. Our goal is to serve more children and increase positive outcomes by matching them with an adult who will ignite their full potential.


We view mentors and mentorship a little differently than other organizations. In a world of causes, we make a difference by creating professionally supported one-to-one matches for kids who want to realize their full potential. For us, it's more than offering advice. It's building meaningful connections for a bigger future.

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  • 97% of the children in our program (2018) are promoted to the next grade level

  • 88% graduate high school on time

  • 96% increase or maintain their scholastic competency

  • 93% reported plans to pursue post-secondary education or the military

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  • 97% avoid the juvenile justice system

  • 99% improve or maintain attitudes toward risky behaviors

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  • 86% improve or maintain parental trust

  • 93% improve or maintain social well-being