The #FrontlineBigs Campaign

BBBSMA has launched the #KeepKidsConnected initiative focused on defending the potential of Metro Atlanta’s youth by sustaining strong relationships between Bigs and Littles during these unprecedented times caused by COVID-19.

Our volunteers come from various career fields – from healthcare and public safety to education and banking. In our efforts to show support for Bigs working on the frontline and our partners at Northside Hospital, who are simultaneously defending the potential of thousands of Metro Atlanta citizens and remaining connected with their Littles, we have launched this campaign to raise money and awareness on the importance of keeping kids connected with their mentors.

As our partner in supporting BBBSMA's #FrontlineBigs and Northside Hospital, Insomnia Cookies has pledged to #KeepKidsConnected and match our purchase with an equal donation of cookies, so we can both show our appreciation for those working hard each day.

Together, we have launched The #FrontlineBigs Campaign and invite you to join us. A percentage of the funds raised from this campaign will be used to purchase and deliver cookies to BBBSMA volunteers working on the frontline and to healthcare workers at Northside Hospital. The remaining funds will be used to provide resources and support our matches.

Highlighting our Bigs on the Frontlines

Are you a Frontline Big? Send us your story.


BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF METRO ATLANTA defends the potential of 1,400 Atlanta youth ages 6-18 with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.