Abel Rivera & Michael Pericas Jr.

Michael Pericas met his little brother Abel Rivera in the summer of 2007. Abel was a very shy and reserved boy who had moved to Atlanta in 2000 with his parents in search of proper medical attention. Michael and Abel instantly bonded as Michael’s own son had a similar medical situation and being hispanic, made communication so much easier and manageable for him and Abel’s family.

Michael and Abel’s friendship continued on to high school where Michael encouraged his participation in extracurricular activities and clubs. Abel worked with non-profit organizations, spoke at various events, and now serves as the media and engagement coordinator for a local outreach organization in Sandy Springs.

Abel was able to qualify and then enroll in the University of Georgia with a scholarship backing him and support from his family and Michael. In the process of enrolling for his university, Michael became a temporary legal guardian for Abel, as it was needed to ensure he would be able to qualify for all the available assistance. BBBS of Metro Atlanta has been a great source of support for Abel and Michael during their match and beyond it! Abel and Michael continue to participate in any capacity available with BBBS!