Who are the Littles in the School-based Program?

The Littles in our program come from a variety of backgrounds and have many different interests. We partner with local elementary and middle schools and match students from 3rd to 8th grades. When a student graduates from their school, they graduate from the School-based program as well.

When and where do Bigs and Littles see each other?

Bigs are expected to travel to the Little’s school twice a month to visit them in person. We work with the school counselors and teachers to determine the best time for them to meet – usually during lunch or a connections hour – to minimize disruption to their learning time. We recommend keeping a consistent schedule of visits so that your Little can know when to expect you, and always let them know ahead of time if you are not able to make a visit!

What will we do at the school?

We’ve created a fun and creative social-emotional learning project-based curriculum that our School-based matches follow. Each grade level match works toward building a project week by week with the goal of a final presentation of the project at the end of the year. The curriculum provides structure to your visits and allows a Big and Little to have a shared activity between them, all the while, building relationship and conversation, but you may also participate in games, reading, and playing, depending on what you decide to do as a Big/Little team.

Are Bigs and Littles allowed to spend time together outside of schools?

Bigs and Littles in the School-based program may only spend time together at the designated school or site. Fostering a sense of consistency and structure by keeping your commitment to visit regularly at the school builds trust.

How have you adapted to COVID-19?

The concerns and changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have pushed us to think creatively. As a result, we’ve selected a virtual learning platform, called Seesaw, to deliver the social-emotional learning prompts from our curriculum on a virtual platform. We’ve launched out Virtual Site Based Program which consists of weekly communication on the Seesaw platform, group Zoom video calls, and monthly match support from the Site Coordinator.